What Happens in a Powerful Learning Classroom?

  • Students ask questions and reflect on their learning.
  • Questions are valued above answers.
  • A variety of strategies and purposeful tasks are employed.
  • Students form judgments, make decisions and engage in creative endeavors.
  • Explicit connections are made to the real-world application.
  • Collaboration is encouraged.
  • Assessment of learning is embedded, transparent, and authentic.
  • Students are supported at appropriate levels and in the different ways they learn.*

*Adapted from “Deep Learning” Fullan et. al. pg. 79

Powerful Learning incorporates the design and implementation of authentic, rigorous units of study based upon the curriculum, the integration of strategic instruction, as well as a focus on creating engaging learning environments and learning connections. It is the integration of all of these dimensions that supports deep understanding of curricular objectives and enables students to acquire a disposition for all learning, now
and in their future.

What does Powerful Learning look and sound like?

Engages students through meaningful challenges and authentic applications.