Strategic Instruction is the implementation of high-impact, research-based instructional strategies and practices that improve student achievement. Teachers design learning experiences that utilize powerful strategies to achieve deep understanding. These strategies help students to understand curricular outcomes, develop core competencies, as well as organize, analyze and transfer new learning. Strategic Instruction enables students to effectively gain foundational skills, in order to become innovative thinkers, creators and doers. As part of Strategic Instruction, the design process is described along with sample planning templates. Strategic Instruction includes direct instruction which is defined as the use of straightforward, explicit teaching techniques, used to teach a specific skill or strategy.

Teaching is a highly complex activity that is continually evolving. Learning theory and brain research has increased the efficacy of teaching and instruction in helping students to know what the learning target is, understand the concepts in the outcome and utilize authentic assessments that informs students about their learning. Strategic Instruction draws upon powerful techniques to deepen learning and move the learning forward. Research continues to illuminate the most effective ways to support deep learning and understanding. As new research emerges, it will continue to inform future practice.  The following strategies are known to have a “high impact” on learning based upon the research of numerous researchers including John Hattie. Golden Hills encourages the implementation of powerful strategies in all classrooms. It is important to note this list does not include all possible strategies that teachers can incorporate into the classroom.