Inside a Powerful Learning Classroom

Excited, eager, and empowered to learn! This is what inspires teachers to create the best possible learning experiences for their students.

Engaging Students

Teachers develop authentic and engaging learning for their students through the intentional design of a culture of learning.

Why Powerful Learning?

Powerful Learning allows our students to grow, discover and change - change their thinking, change themselves and perhaps help change the world.

Latest Powerful Posts

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Building an Interconnected Root System of Number Sense

Developing mathematical flexibility is critical in developing math fact fluency among students. As students advance…

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Part Two: Creating a Flexibly Grouped Classroom: Finding Success

Flexible grouping in the classroom is a powerful approach to enhancing overall student learning and…

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Part One: Flexibly Grouped Classrooms: Maximizing Student Strengths, Confidence and Collaboration

Flexibly grouped classrooms use a strategic approach to education that focuses on the strengths of…

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