Inside a Powerful Learning Classroom

Excited, eager, and empowered to learn! This is what inspires teachers to create the best possible learning experiences for their students.

Engaging Students

Teachers develop authentic and engaging learning for their students through the intentional design of a culture of learning.

Why Powerful Learning?

Powerful Learning allows our students to grow, discover and change - change their thinking, change themselves and perhaps help change the world.

Latest Powerful Posts

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Positivity relates to how  qualities such as joy, gratitude, optimism, and a sense of fun…

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Accessible Communication for Complex Learnings: A School Community Approach

Inclusive education aims to provide equal opportunities for all students, regardless of need. When it…

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Building Belonging: Strategies for Educators

Educators can cultivate a sense of belonging by: Building Relationships: Take the time to get…

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Fostering Scientific Thinking: Every Student as a Scientist

In today's rapidly evolving world, scientific literacy and critical thinking skills have become more important…

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