Living Powerful Learning Powering Possibilities

Inside a Powerful Learning Classroom

Excited, eager, and empowered to learn! This is what inspires teachers to create the best possible learning experiences for their students.

Engaging Students

Teachers develop authentic and engaging learning for their students through the intentional design of a culture of learning.

Why Powerful Learning?

Powerful Learning allows our students to grow, discover and change - change their thinking, change themselves and perhaps help change the world.

Latest Powerful Posts

Big Emotions - Yours and Theirs (Part 3)

As teachers we are used to soothing, comforting, explaining and fixing. It is on our job description. ​ We need to remember…

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Fostering the Conditions for Independence (Part 2)

There are a number of ideas and strategies you can implement in order to help…

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Failure as an Opportunity for Growth (Part 1)

Being able to think, learn and make good choices independently remains one of the most important…

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Questioning: Moving it to the Next Level in Classrooms

Issue: Questions in the classroom too often fails to engage powerful thinking. Questioning is an…

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