Inside a Powerful Learning Classroom

Excited, eager, and empowered to learn! This is what inspires teachers to create the best possible learning experiences for their students.

Engaging Students

Teachers develop authentic and engaging learning for their students through the intentional design of a culture of learning.

Why Powerful Learning?

Powerful Learning allows our students to grow, discover and change - change their thinking, change themselves and perhaps help change the world.

Latest Powerful Posts

How can I build a sensory space in my classroom?

OT Susanne Williams worked to guide teachers in Golden Hills School Division on how to…

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Do weekly spelling tests still matter?

Spelling tests have long been present in elementary classrooms.  Each week, students study a list…

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What Does Powerful Reading Instruction Look Like? 

Powerful reading instruction requires the thoughtful weaving together of all aspects  of reading.  These components…

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Spiral Your Way to Success 

Have you been curious about spiraling your curriculum in math? Perhaps you are wondering how…

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