Powerful Learning:

Incorporates the design and implementation of authentic, rigorous units of study based upon the curriculum, the integration of strategic instruction, as well as a focus on creating engaging learning environments and learning connections.

It is the integration of all of these dimensions that supports deep understanding of curricular objectives and enables students to acquire a disposition for all learning, now and in their future.


Criteria of Powerful Learning:

  1. Purposeful and meaningful 
  2. Invites sustained inquiry and encourages curiosity
  3. Supports innovation through fostering connections 
  4. Engages students in deep learning and learning that transfers
  5. Utilizes high impact strategies 
  6. Provides opportunities for collaborative thinking
  7. Invites critical and creative thinking ( is a thinking classroom)
  8. Encourages active involvement in explorations considering multiple sources and perspectives
  9. Intentional connection is made to the real-world both locally and globally
  10. Facilitates authentic learning experiences
  11. Promotes student ownership of learning
  12. Assessment is authentic, embedded and moves learning forward
  13. Technology is used as a tool for learning


What does Powerful Learning look and sound like?