Six Strategies to Grow Powerful Learning

Growing Powerful Learning in Golden Hills occurs at all levels and in many ways. Teachers work collaboratively to examine practice and are intentional about examining evidence of student learning in order to improve what happens for students in classrooms. A number of supports are provided with a sustained focus on improving student learning. Careful alignment, clarity and communication about what makes learning powerful continues to be our priority. It is the” what, why and how” of Powerful Learning.  Six strategies to grow Powerful Learning are provided:

  1. Golden Hills administrators are the instructional leaders in their schools and as such it is a focus to help administrators understand what Powerful Learning looks and sounds like living in classrooms. Time is spent learning how to foster powerful practices and engage students in meaningful learning experiences.
    • Book Studies on powerful ideas, such as Deep Learning by Michael Fullan, The Wonder Wall by Peter Gamwell, or Digital Leadership by Eric Sheninger
  2. All teachers work in collaborative teams to plan, implement, assess and refine Powerful Learning
    • School based Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
    • District wide Collaborative Days, 4 times a school year
    • Focus Groups, comprised of teachers across the division, who work collaboratively to achieve a common goal
      • E.g. Embed critical thinking more intentionally into grade 6 social studies
  3. Teachers are supported by outside experts who work alongside them in designing instruction. This professional learning is ongoing and sustained over time with teachers continuously reflecting and refining practice.
  4. Teachers are supported through Instructional Coaches who work ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with them to understand, plan and implement Powerful Learning.
  5. A focus is on helping new teachers build understanding and design lessons.
    • Mentorship program
    • 3 District Wide New Teacher Orientations
  6. Instructional coaches provide a bi-monthly newsletter, “Coaches Corner,” to capture big ideas and share new learning.