Explicit Instruction in Text Features

Powerful Learning is evident in a Grade 5 classroom at Wheatland Crossing School as the teacher provides explicit instruction in how to recognize text features. Text features help students across grade levels improve their comprehension of text. This happens when the students understand how the author has organized the content including: headings, italics, bold text, graphs, pictures and timelines. Comprehension improves when students use text cues and visuals to gain meaning. These features also help students to organize and convey their messages through their own writing.

Students collaborate through a scavenger hunt activity that helps them to identify the features commonly used in fiction and nonfiction text. Students compare the organization of both fiction and nonfiction text to further understand how authors organize content. Activities such as the scavenger hunt and compare/contrast tasks help students discover the role of text features through inquiry.

Another resource learn more about Text Features is through the Thinking Strategies website.

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