Feedback through Google Forms Quiz Mode

Feedback is an essential component of the assessment, and learning, process. John Hattie has described feedback as “the most powerful single moderator that enhances achievement” (1999). Feedback for students needs to be timely and specific, in order to move learning forward. There are many effective ways for teachers to provide feedback to students, and for students to provide effective feedback for one another. One way that feedback can come from a teacher is through a Google Forms Quiz. 

What can this look like? 


I bet you’re thinking that this sounds great, but you may be wondering how to do this.  Here is a little video that walks you through exactly how to do this. 

Video Tutorial


  • Collect Email Addresses (this way, you will know through email addresses the names of your students and their corresponding results. Helpful if you forget to make a “name” question.)
  • Make sure each question is “required” so students have to do it
  • Try adding visuals/images to your questions and responses
  • Include a video or link in the Answer Feedback so students can continue to learn


Hattie, J. (1999). Influences on Student Learning. Auckland: University of Auckland.

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