Learning Takes Centre Stage With Trickster Theatre

At Greentree School, we are Planting the SEEDS for Life!  Trickster Theatre provides a great opportunity to explore this mission through art, movement and theatre. Students created various theme-based presentations including how we support and accept others; how we explore possibilities; how we are engaging in lifelong learning; how we go about doing the right thing; and how we are always striving for success in all we do.

The Trickster artists, in conjunction with the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, provided a week-in-residence program that resulted in the creation of a variety of original theatre productions.  From script writing to building sets, and choosing roles, the highly active and engaging experience involved all staff and students in the process of bringing a performance to life.

The residency enhanced a sense of community, energized spirits and promoted new learning in a unique and engaging way.  Every student at Greentree School had the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone while learning about theatre and performing arts and taking on new roles and responsibilities. Students engaged in a creative process that could be transferred back to their subjects at school and beyond.

We couldn’t have done this without amazing parent and community connections.  Together we have created a brilliant memory and a legacy to the future.

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