Overcoming Challenges in the Classroom During COVID Times

In this video, Warren identifies six key actions to help teachers continue to facilitate powerful learning during the pandemic and beyond. Learn more about the importance of: 

  • Building routines
  • Designing learning that matters
  • Communicating success criteria clearly
  • Providing opportunities for iterative and reflective thinking
  • Focusing on tools for thinking and well-being
  • Committing to self care

Warren Woytuck

Warren Woytuck has been a K-12 teacher and elementary and junior high school principal for more than 20 years. As a coach and facilitator, Warren has worked with thousands of educators and leaders in the areas of critical thinking, creativity, design thinking, instructional excellence and school leadership. Warren has also authored and edited several TC² teaching and learning resources. He is currently working as a TC2 facilitator to support the work in Golden Hills School Division.

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