Powerful Learning in a K-12 School: Wheatland Crossing’s Story

Powerful Learning encompasses many aspects, rooted in research and best practice, of what makes optimum learning experiences for students to reach deep understanding. Wheatland Crossing is a rural Kindergarten to Grade 12 school that has deliberately incorporated Powerful Learning across grade levels and subjects. Teachers were encouraged to share stories of how Powerful Learning lives in their own classrooms at staff meetings. The following book highlights how Powerful Learning spans across the school, and allows for all students to develop a deep understanding.

“At Wheatland Crossing, we believe every student is a success story, waiting to be told.  As a staff, we are always looking to provide Powerful Learning opportunities that enrich the educational process for our students.  This “Powerful Learning” story shows how Wheatland Crossing School is Cultivating Success for our students, staff and our community.  Our work with Golden Hills has transformed our classrooms!”

— Principal Doug Raycroft

To discover more about this Powerful Learning journey, click this link to read a book, created by Book Creator. 


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