UFLI Program has Huge Impact on Learning Phonics 

As part of a comprehensive literacy program, teachers recognized the importance of providing explicit and systematic instruction in phonics.  Rich literature is valued and provides an essential model for communication and expression of thought.  When students engage with rich literature, they expand their understanding of the world.   In addition to rich literature, students need to be able to access print through mastery of phonics.  

Phonics is no longer that worksheet – it can be engaging, interactive and fun!  UFLI offers a set of research based strategies providing teachers with choice in their approach to phonics instruction.  It is easily adaptable for teachers and can be used as part of a holistic approach to literacy instruction.  Lessons within UFLI can be broken apart, serving as a menu for instruction  The impact UFLI has on literacy aquistion is wide-reaching.  Students who are English Language Learners, those with complexities around literacy development and those with strong foundational skills in literacy are engaged and excited to learn.      

In the dynamic landscape of elementary education, the UFLI Phonics Program is a game-changer. Phonics, the method of teaching reading and writing through the association of sounds with letters, is a fundamental skill that lays the foundation for a child’s literacy journey. The UFLI Phonics Program, designed with a focus on Universal Foundational Literacy Instruction (UFLI), has been gaining recognition for its innovative and effective approach to phonics instruction.

The implementation of the UFLI Phonics Program in elementary classrooms has had positive outcomes in Golden Hills School Division. The strategies transfer from the isolated practice to real reading.  Students exhibit increased phonemic awareness, improved decoding skills, and a heightened confidence in reading and writing. Teachers report a more engaged and enthusiastic approach to literacy, fostering a love for learning in young learners.

This systematic, multisensory, and differentiated approach not only equips students with essential literacy skills but also empowers educators to create inclusive and dynamic learning environments. As educators continue to explore innovative methods to enhance literacy instruction, the UFLI Phonics Program serves as a noteworthy model for transforming the phonics learning experience.

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