What are Effective Ways to Build Relationships with Students and Parents?

The importance of teachers building productive and positive relationships with both parents and students has been widely recognized. Relationships form the foundation for trust, enabling students to feel a sense of belonging. Classrooms become a safe place to learn and take risks. Strong relationships increase engagement and cooperation and help to reduce problem behaviors in the classroom and online. Students are motivated to work hard when they like their teacher and when they feel that their teacher likes them. Opportunities to build positive social skills and social behavior that benefits other people, occurs as relationships are formed between students and with students. As well, time spent building relationships with parents helps them to understand how to support their child’s learning at home.  This enables parents to understand the complexities of the learning process and the intended learning targets.

Watch the video below to find out about: 

  • How do you build meaningful relationships with your students?
  • How can you create opportunities for students to connect with one another?
  • What helps to build effective parent teacher relationships?
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