What is Métis Week?

The following information supports educators who are interested in incorporating Métis culture, language & ways of knowing into their classrooms.

What is Métis Week?

Each year on November 16, people across Canada pay tribute to the Honorable Louis Riel by holding a commemorative ceremony on the date of his execution.

When is Métis Week?

In Alberta, the week surrounding November 16 is known as Métis Week.

Why is there a Métis Week?

The Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) has declared the week surrounding November 16 as “Métis Week.” The week is devoted to commemorating the sacrifices of the Métis who continue to strive toward rights and recognition as a distinct nation.

What are some supports available to Educators to support Métis Week in classrooms?

Please look at the canva (view only link here) below for the following supports:

  1. Potential classroom learning activities sorted by Division level (K-3, 4-6, 7-9, & 10-12). There are Whole-school activities if interested.
  2. A list of Métis literature that is available to GHSD teachers through IMC. Please contact IMC for requests.
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