Activating Thinking with Anticipation Guides

Anticipation Guides

What It Is

Anticipation guides are a type of graphic organizer. They have a list of 5-7 statements, related to the topic students are studying, and students are required to agree or disagree with the statement. Anticipation guides are used before learning and after learning, and then a comparison is made. 

Anticipation Guide Overview

Why Use It

“An anticipation guide can be used to activate and assess students’ prior knowledge, generate reflection and discussion about a new topic, and motivate reluctant students by stimulating their interest in a topic.” (From Thinking Strategies)

Where To Use It

Try using an Anticipation Guide in the following scenarios:

  • Before and after students watch an informational video
  • To explore theme topics related to a novel, movie, short story or other texts, before and after reading
  • Before and after reading an expository article or textbook section
  • To gather information before a unit of study and then to check for what students have learned after

See It In Action:


Click here to view some examples of Anticipation Guides.


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