Flexibly Grouped Classrooms: Maximizing Student Strengths, Confidence and Collaboration

Flexibly grouped classrooms use a strategic approach to education that focuses on the strengths of each student, building their confidence and allowing for deeper collaboration among peers. In this type of classroom, students are organized in a purposeful manner, allowing them to work together and leverage their individual strengths to achieve shared goals. This approach to education is centered on the belief that all students have unique abilities and talents, and by capitalizing on these strengths, they can achieve greater success both individually and as a group. The flexibly grouped classroom provides an environment in which students can learn, grow, and reach their full potential, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among peers. Here are some strategies!

Check out these infographics to learn more about what a flexibly grouped classroom looks like. 

The Flexibly Grouped Classroom: How to Organize Learning for Equity and Growth by Kristina Doubet

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