How to Assist Students in Managing Stress

Stress and Learning

Teachers interact with students on a daily basis, and as a result, they can see how a student’s learning is impacted by various challenges, stress being one of them. 

In order to assist teachers and students in understanding how stress works and what to do about the impact of a “stress response”, GHSD’s Psychologist, Deb Nunziata, shared specific strategies with students in Gr. 3 and Gr.6. Students were taught how they can make friends with their stress response and learn coping strategies to assist them in times of stress.

Mental Wellness Day for Schools- Alberta Education (June 3, 2021)

Video Presentations:

The strategies outlined in this presentation are applicable for any student K-12. Watch the two lessons delivered in classrooms to see this in action:

“Making Friends with Your Stress Response” Lesson Plan Materials:

2. PowerPoint Presentation: (based on Gr. 3 & 6 lesson plan)

3. Coping Strategy Student Handouts (K-6)- See below:
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