How to Encourage Reading At Home

Reading opens up a child’s imagination and ultimately opens up their world. Through reading children are introduced to new words, new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Research has consistently demonstrated the importance and power of reading and the priority that needs to be placed on spending time reading at home. It is through reading success that we ensure student success in school and beyond.

It is not surprising that being able to read well is the best predictor of school success.

It is clear that reading builds brains, fosters early learning and creates connections/patterns in the brain that promote language, cognitive and social and emotional development.

One of the most important considerations when reading with children at home is that the child is reading everyday and that they develop a love for stories and the adventure of it all. Parents are encouraged to read out loud with their child even if they can read on their own. Parents can ensure that their child’s room has books in it and let them choose what book they want to read and reread. When a child rereads the same book many times, it is a great way to build fluency and confidence. Parents can model the importance of reading by reading for pleasure themselves. If a child sees adults reading for enjoyment, they will more likely do the same.

There are a number of things that parents can do to create a positive atmosphere for reading at home.

The following tips will set child up for reading success.

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