Teacher Curiosity

Molly, a fifth grade teacher, and Megan, a third grade teacher from Greentree Elementary in Drumheller, Alberta have been facilitating an inquiry journey with their students that focuses on taking action in their community by designing and creating green spaces on their school grounds that promote sustainability. The inquiry carried out by these classes followed four main goals co-created by students:

  • To enhance the school environment
  • To Facilitate outdoor learning activities¬†
  • To Promote environmental stewardship
  • To foster a sense of community

By playing a key role in collaborating on these goals, students throughout this project were encouraged to follow their curiosities, to ask questions, and to seek guidance from community stakeholders and experts. As this project was inspired by the Flood Mitigation Project currently underway in the Drumheller Valley, students were genuinely engaged in thinking about how trees can create positive environments for members of their own community now and in the future.

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